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Benamôr, Portugal’s cult beauty recipes give users an instant glow and remain unchanged until now with its beautiful and extraordinary ingredients. The unique velvety-soft texture softens your skin and leaves it deliciously scented and hydrated.

Benamôr is still one of Portugal’s most beloved beauty brands spreading its delicate and worthy beauty recipes around the world.

Benamôr Gift Sets- Perfect Companion for Skincare

Benamôr gift sets are enriched with special ingredients, this hand cream’s ultra-light and silky texture sinks in and moisturizes like no other, with a scent too long for every day! Its exclusive blend is made according to a time-honored recipe combining the best and ultimate ingredients. The delicately scented creams are an exclusive combination of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter in secret recipes. The ultra velvety texture instantly softens and nourishes your skin and protects it. The hydration is enriched with natural ingredients and deliciously perfumed with its floral scent…The unique and timeless ingredients were born from mixing worthy notes to give skin an instant shine!

Every product instantly softens and nourishes your skin, protecting them against external aggressions.


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