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Boadicea the Victorious – The Story

To provide exceptional, unique perfumes to the discerning consumer. To achieve this, we demand that all Boadicea the Victorious components be created in the UK by reputable producers, including handcrafted elements on each bottle. The components are all carefully obtained and of the finest quality, whether it’s sambac from Bhutan or oud from Southeast Asia’s woods. This mix of exotic and unmistakably British lends the brand an image of luxury and distinctiveness.

Lion Heart – A symbol of strength and magnificence

A pure scent full of leonine power and feline defiance, with up-front undertones of salt and pepper before unveiling a sparkling centre of rose water and carnation, full of courage and leadership. A battalion of refined sensitivity follows this lively vanguard, mixing the mesmerising seduction of jasmine with rich patchouli and atmospheric amber. Lion Heart Pure perfume is a smell that proudly controls the urban jungle.

Mayfair – Elegant, timeless, confident

Mayfair draws the rich and high-achieving with its premium retail arcades, ultra-luxe hotels, and a multitude of distinguished addresses. It should come as no surprise, however, that the scent Boadicea the Victorious represents that exclusivity and refinement, giving the user a distinct sense of grandeur and control over one’s fate. Mayfair is uncomplicated and straightforward, bringing beeswax to the forefront with a focus on birch and leather, while cedarwood and civet ride in the background.


A perfume with the name Piccadilly will represent various things to different people, but we can all agree that it should exude energy, decadence, and grandeur, capped with a nod to Piccadilly Circus’s statue of Eros, the god of love. Piccadilly eau de parfum has an underlying elegance that comes from a bed of Bulgarian roses and a thrilling mix of spices and cedarwood that thrills and stirs the emotions. This is perfumery at its most seductive, an homage to metropolitan elegance.

Oxford – Vibrantly educated

The citrus-packed top notes grab your attention right away, while a seductive center of strongly floral neroli, lavender, and jasmine adds a subversive undertow of vetiver and musk to a captivating center of passionately floral neroli, lavender, and jasmine. Beyond the instant extravagance, there’s a refined dry down that encourages quiet calmness in the middle of the madness – it’s a smell to have with you at all times. Maintain a calm demeanor; a little Oxford-style grandeur goes a long way.

Notting Hill – A carnival of colour

Notting Hill eau de parfum is the epitome of flamboyant flair, a seductive scent that dances on the skin like a samba. Pink pepper, Turkish rose, geranium, and patchouli come together in a joyful celebration of life, lively and inspirational to elevate your spirits throughout the day before softening to take you through the night. Allow the effervescence, exuberance, and sheer vivacity of this life-affirming scent to sweep you away.


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