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Berceuse Parfum

The word "Berceuse" means "lullaby"; it refers to soft, rocking rhythms, frequently in 6/8 time, that imply a soothing rhythm which encourages sleep. The name comes from the Old French word ‘bers’, which means cradle, and ultimately from the French word bercer, which means "to rock". It's a lovely name for a perfume company, implying a calm and rhythmic musical infusion. The secret is to investigate subjects quietly and have the ability to soothe the body and mind.

In fragrance, terms like composition, notes, and rhythm are often used: perfume is compared to tiny sonatas, studies, and lullabies, while music is described as an invisible scent.

Will Carius, the founder of Berceuse Parfum, says, “A friend introduced me to the vibrant, bustling perfume culture of San Francisco, and I was immediately hooked. There was such variety, such artistry, such invention! I became fascinated with the history and art of fragrance and dreamed of one day opening my own house. Six years later, I did.”.


As the man behind Barrister and Mann, an elegant and obnoxious shaving brand with two rowdy and dramatic fragrances named Fougère Gothique and Just Right for a Tuesday, Will Carius, the creator of Berceuse founded in 2020, already has a fragrance history, the line has a faint undertone of charred silver and skull ring, but Will is aware of his audience.

During his graduate studies, Will Carius's housemate encouraged him to perfume shopping in San Francisco, which is how he fell in love with the scent. This one visit quickly grew into a routine. Will became completely infatuated with the scent after spending over two months sniffing various unusual and magnificent things every weekend. He was also consumed by the need to create his perfumes. By reading every perfume book he could find at the public library, he gave himself a crash course in perfumery. Consequently, he became knowledgeable about fragrance molecules, bottle design, the history of perfumes, olfaction theories, and aroma chemicals; the end product is Berceuse Parfum.

Although Berceuse sounds French, the brand is headquartered in San Francisco, which most people associate with drugs, freedom, and a wide range of musical genres that marked a vanished era and continue to impact modern culture.

Types And Varieties

Berceuse Parfum has a long perfume history. Being a comparatively new brand, The earliest edition was created in 2020, and the newest is from 2022. The fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Antonio Gardoni and Spyros Drosopoulos. The perfumes are mentioned below:

  • Allegretto 7.2
  • Minneapolis 5.3

The primary goal of Berceuse Parfum is to craft scents that captivate, uplift, and encourage you to take in and value the world around you.