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Christian Provenzano – Discovering ravished fragrances

Christian Provenzano is a Master Perfumer with over fifty years of expertise in the fragrance industry, and his compositions have influenced the success of great fragrance businesses all over the world. Provenzano’s enthusiasm for essential oils and understanding of them stems from his youth in Morocco, where he was surrounded by some of the most evocative elements used in perfumery.

His interest in perfumery began in Europe, where he worked for a Dutch fragrance firm and studied to become a Perfumer. Since then, Provenzano has developed his abilities with other fragrance firms and travelled the world, visiting six continents and gaining a thorough understanding of the components utilised.

Provenzano was most recently situated in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where he acquired a love and enthusiasm for Oriental fragrance, whose influences are obvious as a developing trend in perfumery throughout the world, with the increased usage of components often found in Asia. The unique and expensive elements in Christian Provenzano’s new line, CP Parfums, reflect these regional influences.


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