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How To Choose Your First Niche Perfume

A niche perfume is different from a designer scent because of its pyramid. In essence, designer fragrances are mass-appealing and crowd-pleasers. Instead, niche scents tend to be more artistic and extravagant.

For anyone who does not know what a niche or designer perfume is, here is a brief definition for both of them. A niche fragrance is a perfume that does not rely on a high-scale distribution. Often, the perfumer is the CEO of a niche company that promotes its creations. Designer fragrances include the big fashion brands we are all familiar with, such as Dior, Chanel, or Versace.

Why choose a niche perfume?

Before you start selecting your first niche perfume, you might want to consider why picking one in the first place. Usually, fragrance lovers start buying designer scents because they are more common. However, sometimes a smell captures your attention and you find out about it from the wearer.

Niche perfumes are the avant-garde of perfumery. A lot of times, the perfumer seeks not revenue but an artistic expression when doing niche creations. That is why they are called niche. Not everybody may resonate with its accords, but perfume lovers will appreciate them nevertheless. In fact, these perfumers are often the best perfume creators on the market.

So, you can rest assure that a niche perfume will always bear unique features or ingredients. These scents will make you stand out from the crowd. Thus, it is also critical that you find a niche scent that suits your persona flawlessly.

How to choose a niche fragrance step by step

Before you buy niche scents
Before you shop for a niche perfume, decide how intense you want your scent to be. Here is a list of terms that you need to know to select the right concentration of essence:
• Eau Fraîche (lowest concentration with only a 1-3% concentration)
• Eau de Toilette (usually between 5% and 15%, lasts around 2-4 hours)
• Eau de Parfum (15% to 25%, last around 6-8 hours)
• Extrait de Parfum (between 20% and 40% of oil concentration)

Be aware that Extrait de Parfum might not project better than an Eau de Parfum. After a certain amount of concentration, projection decreases while longevity increases. That is why most Extraits do not project much, but they last at least 12 hours. Sometimes, they last for up to 48 hours!

Start by searching for a specific tang

The best way to start your journey into the niche fragrance world is to begin exploring note impressions. That is, different versions of particular smells you like. For example, jasmine, oud, or lemon.

If you do not have anything in mind, then pick a discovery set. Niche brands are always pleased to let you enjoy their creations. So, you can opt for more vials that contain several scents they make.

Get acquainted with the perfume house’s message and story

Unlike fashion brands, niche perfume houses have a precise mission. In the mind of its creator, a niche perfume tells a story. Often, it represents precise values and unique angles on the world around us.

So, dig deep into the perfume house’s creed. You can check Gypsy Perfume, they aim to let you live the Gypsy culture in a way that no one ever touched upon.

their scents introduce you to a colourful world full of history and traditions. A world where beauty develops over time. Mainly thanks to the addition of countless lives and experiences that make each fragrance bloom into an exquisite form of art.


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