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MUSICOLOGY – Music as a scent

MUSICOLOGY honors the emotions, recollections, and vibrations that music evokes in humans. We have been utilizing our five senses to adapt and alter the world around us since the dawn of civilization. Sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing are all senses that we have. Each sense makes use of a distinct portion of our body, yet they all rely on our memory. In reality, the arts are continuously transmitting, evoking, and stirring our sensations and memories. Hearing and Smell are two of our five senses; in Music and Perfume, both flourish.

Each fragrance and piece of music has its own set of notes, harmony, accords, and melody. Even more than the linguistic commonalities, there is another important factor that binds them together: the air! Only Music and Scent share the same impalpable, evanescent vehicle that transports and brings them to the heart of all the Arts resonate with one another. Sounds and molecules flow across space, arriving and departing with the same brilliance, and it is perhaps this fleeting nature that highlights the true relationship between perfume and music.


Fly Me To The Oud



An Oud that has been carefully re-imagined and shines in an irresistibly captivating jazz melody. The fragrance begins with Australian sandalwood and fiery black pepper as a teaser. The ultra-sensual vibrations of the Oud & Leather pair transcend its loud spicy force. The moss adds to the deep, intriguing, and sophisticated woody signature’s mystery.


Sun Goddess



A scent with a distinct solar inclination. With a brilliant swirl of orange blossom and frangipani, it catches and then magnetizes. The heliotrope, with powdery intonations, relays this breath of bright natural light, followed by the renowned Jasmine Sambac. Finally, the valuable sandalwood takes the stage. Its milky and creamy notes, enhanced by the vanilla infusion, add a warm, spacey, seductive, and carnal sensuality to the trail.



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