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Parfums de Marly: A man’s unique fragrance

Parfums de Marly trace their roots back to the 18th century, the era of scents that marked the pinnacle of French eloquence.

Julien Sprecher created a high-end perfumery brand that conjures up a dreamy condition with its “signature” smells, a strong stance, and short, clear concepts. The history of the palace and gardens of Versailles, near where he was born and nurtured, had a strong impact on him. The innovative Parfums De Marly reflects a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle while being true to the rules and legacy of the 18th century royal court of France. Each essence has its own distinct aromatic experience, imbued with a touch of French refinement.


A vivid homage to the earth’s strength, with a fresh green and fruity splash. A crisp opening of Sicilian bergamot and green apple is followed by a woody cedar wood core and exquisite amber wood base notes. Greenley is a pure energy source. Don it throughout the day, give it as a present, or share it with others.

The long-lasting dash of perfume that will make you stand out in a crowd and will stay on you all day long, exactly like you own the aroma.


Who doesn’t want to be renowned, especially if the perfume they wear is something special that others remember about them? A fantastic combination of classic and contemporary designs. Sedley’s olfactory origin can be detected when the antithesis becomes a harmony. Cutting-edge molecules clash with noble raw materials.

Citrus brings out the strength of the mint. Hivernal® Neo has a fresh lily of the valley note that gives it a new feeling of water. Sedley is energetic, exhilarating, and dominating. There are both hot and cold temperatures to be found. In a transparent container, two points of attraction create an enticing game of opposites that energizes the skin.


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