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Dualité Magnifique
Dualité Magnifique

Dualité Magnifique

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Dualité Magnifique is a perfume by Plume Impression for women and men. The release year is 2019. The scent is woody-floral.


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Gender: Unisex,
Olfactive Family: Origin: France


Dualité Magnifique is a fragrance that embodies two equally magnificent facets. The combination of amber and oud imparts a mysterious aura to this glamorous journey, while rose and saffron are delicately nestled within a finely crafted leather case.

The narrative unfolds amidst the Carnival in Venice, a celebration where everyone is invited and the streets buzz with life. In this vibrant scene, one is gently ushered through the cracks of time, immersed in the festivities. Luxurious masks paired with glamorous hosts engage in secretive, enchanting plays. Amidst this illustrious scene, a luxurious scent captivates the senses.

This fragrance is elusive and mysterious, mirroring the enigmatic atmosphere of the carnival. Following the trail of this intriguing aroma, one weaves through alleys and corners, drawn by its hypnotizing essence.

Then, a stunning encounter occurs. A breathtakingly elegant individual, adorned in black and white, brushes by. The moment sparks a realization: “Dualité Magnifique!” The stunning concoction of rose, oud, and amber leaves a powerful yet sensual scent, epitomizing the dual nature of this extraordinary fragrance.

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Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Saffron, Davana

Heart Notes
Woods, Nagarmotha, Rose

Base Notes
Amber, Oud, Leather

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