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Iris is a perfume by Profumo di Firenze for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is powdery-floral.


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Olfactive Family: Origin: Italy


Iris, the flower synonymous with the essence of heritage and regality, lends its name to a fragrance that is all at once contemporary and timeless. It is a scent that captures the rich, textural tapestry of the iris root—powdery, earthy, with a touch of verdant sweetness.

Upon first encounter, the fragrance unveils the iris in a burst of floral majesty. Each purple petal seems to unfurl within the olfactory senses, releasing a distinctive, slightly metallic vibrancy that only iris can claim. The perfume encapsulates that moment of energy when the flower first blooms, offering a captivating blend of raw beauty and sophistication.

Interlaced with the iris’s floral tapestry are the unexpected contrasts of spice. These elements serve as the flames that warm the cool elegance of the iris, lending the composition a lively, almost tangible energy. Vanilla enters the dance like a whispered backdrop, its creamy sweetness wrapping around the spices and softening their impact, while honey drips its golden threads into the weave, enriching the fragrance’s heart with a warm, nectarous glow.

As Iris progresses and settles into the skin, it begins to reveal its deeper, more provocative nuances. Here, the texture of leather unfurls, supple and smoky, a scent-image of worn-in luxury and sophistication. The leather note adds an element of the ancestral, conjuring images of well-loved books and the plush interior of an antique study.

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Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Iris, Saffron, Pink Pepper, Tangerine

Heart Notes
Black Pepper, Vanilla, Myrhh, Violet

Base Notes
Tobacco, Leather, Honey, Opoponax, Benzoin

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