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MAIG (May in Catalan) is deliciously contradictory, as spring. Combining the luminous elegance of lavender and the dark animalistic touch of rockroses along with the exuberant aromas of the blooming bushes.


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Bravanariz bring the great aromas of our landscapes to your home, so you and the ones you love, can keep up with the cycles of nature along the year and enjoy its wonders. One fragrance for each season to fill your house or your working place with the changing scents of the wild. Because just like eating seasonal products does us good, seasonal smelling also benefits us,
Excessive and changeable, with spring comes the urgency, the hormonal revolution and allergies. But in the same way that plants and their sexual activity annoy many, it also provides us with remedies to combat these discomforts. His energy is contagious and contrasts with the winter lethargy. Our organisms seek light and heat from the sun. There is a certain excitement, which we indulge in with pleasure, but which also produces a certain stress. That is why it is important to keep your feet on the ground.

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The high quality of its raw materials (organic molasses alcohol, 100% natural essential oils, tinctures and hydrolates) is exactly the same, so you can use them perfectly as a perfume (subtler, if you want), spraying it on your skin and hair. To change the vibes of a space, you can spray it in the air, but for greater permanence it is advisable to do it on fabrics (curtains, carpets, upholstery) as long as you respect the minimum 25cm (9,8 in) distance to avoid possible stains. You can also spray it on clothing items such as foulards, scarves or coats to dress up with the scents of each season.

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