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Versatile Discovery Box

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Eight unique 1ml scent samples await, offering olfactory revelations and the promise of finding the fragrance your heart desires.

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Origin: France


Embark on a sensory journey like no other with the “Versatile Discovery Box,” your personal passport to a world where every scent tells a story and every fragrance captures a moment. Delight in the luxury of exploration from the comfort of your home, taking the time to savor each scent at your leisure.

Within this collection lie eight distinct olfactory experiences, each in a convenient 1ml sample format, promising a revelation for the senses and the certainty of discovering your heart’s desire.


A curated ensemble of eight exquisite Extracts, each one offering a unique narrative:

Croissant Café –

Envision a Parisian morning with each spray. Notes of robust Coffee and creamy Cappuccino mingle with the comforting aroma of Buttery pastries. It’s a blend that’s Smooth, Creamy, and Grilled, with an underlying Woody sophistication, undeniably Gourmand and Hot off the press.

Culot Thé –

An infusion of Fresh and Zesty Citrus that unfolds into a Floral bouquet reminiscent of a serene tea ceremony. Apricot whispers and a Spicy hint of Wasabi yield to a Sweet finish, crafting a story in every drop.

Accrodisiaque –

Dive into a bold mixture where Vegetable meets Dill, and the unexpected duo of Blueberry and Tea emerges. Matcha layers a Sensual dimension, while Leather and Smoked notes introduce an Animalic edge that’s utterly intoxicating.

Gueule de Bois –

A narrative of the night before, captured in Spicy, Peppery strokes, and the deep, resinous scent of Incense. Rum, Amber, and a Candied sweetness converge into a Suave, Warm, and Woody embrace.

Dimanche Flemme –

Lazy Sunday mornings are bottled in this concoction of Green, Basil, and Sparkling Cardamom. The coziness of Milky Almond dances with Vanilla and a Musky, Sweet finish, perfectly capturing the spirit of repose.

Rital Date –

A dalliance of Aromatic Freshness, the zest of Pesto meets the tasteful tang of Limoncello. It’s a dance of Zesty pleasure with undertones of Sweet Pistachio and a Creamy finish, encapsulating the anticipation of a romantic encounter.

Sea, Sud & Sun –

An olfactory escapade to the seaside, blending the Freshness of Pastis with the succulence of Fig and the cool caress of Iced Neroli. Musky, Tropezian, Salty, and Marine notes create a symphony of the Mediterranean.

God Bless Cola –

Indulge in the playfulness of Cola and Popcorn, sweetened by Sugar and mellowed by Vanilla. Sparkling and Addictive, with a Caramel twist that’s Warm and indulgently Gourmand.

The “Versatile Discovery Box” isn’t merely a sample set—it’s an odyssey of scents, each waiting to become a part of your story, an extension of your mood, and a reflection of your moments. Will you find your signature in this aromatic array or a fragrance for every facet of your life? The adventure awaits.

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