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Xanath is a perfume by Ponsà for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-spicy.


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Gender: Unisex,
Olfactive Family: Origin: Spain


Legend has it that Xanath was the daughter of Totonac nobles and lived in a beautiful palace. One day, Xanath was caught by the powerful gaze of a fat god, who then began to court her. Xanath managed to evade him for some time, but the more cunning god found a way to reveal his feelings for her and, after being rejected by her, threatened her. The witty fat god eventually gained the trust of Xanath‘s father in the hope of winning her over by using her father’s trust. The young Xanath tried to resist the God’s harassment, but her father forced Xanath to accept another date with him, but this date proved to be fatal, because when she rejected him again, he became so enraged that he cast a spell on her, transforming her into a delicate plant with white flowers and an exquisite aroma, the Vanilla. And so the legend of vanilla was born.

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Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Orange, Aldehydes

Heart Notes

Base Notes
Madagascar Vanilla, Myrhh, Benzoin, Himalayan Cedar

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