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Rosendo Mateu Collection

Rosendo Mateu has been one of the specialists at Puig, and one of the most prominent perfume houses in the world. As an expert, Mateu who has been a Master Perfumer since 2010 (and is one of the few in Europe), was confronted with a new task in 2017: developing a new collection under his own label. Men and women can wear the same perfumes.


With his number 5, Rosendo Mateu has designed a fantastic flower that can’t be discovered in nature but can be found as a dream in a scent. A spicy, exotic, oriental scent with notes of carnation and lily of the valley. Vanilla, seductive ambergris, and musk make up the base note in a fresh oriental manner.



The top note of this floral, delicate, and sweet scent is noble sandalwood from India. The delicacy and freshness of the jasmine petals are immediately apparent after spraying. Number 6 becomes persistent and sensuous thanks to ambergris and vanilla notes – a startling and enticing mix that is fastened on the skin with the highest grade musk.


Rosendo Mateu 7 has a delicate floral top note of rose petals that swiftly blends with the fragrance’s middle components. Patchouli is the star of this creation, which is harvested in Indonesian fields, where the leaves are dried and then irrigated with water to ferment and distil for lengthy periods of time in iron stills. The patchouli we utilize in our fragrance using a molecular distillation method, which allows us to obtain the finest possible quality of this raw material. Spicy and flowery notes, such as jasmine, dominate the middle note, which is followed by animal undertones. The base notes include a blend of high-quality Laos and Thai oud, as well as Madagascar pure vanilla and Siam Benjui.



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