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Scents Of The Season

A change in season beckons a desire for something new to enliven our senses and give a spring to our steps. With the spring season fast approaching and a crisp chill in the air, why not change to the fragrances and scents to better suit your mood? Here are some recommendations from our collection for you to consider trying this Spring.


A hidden gem from our collection, Amethyst, is an alluring scent with a perfect blend of the comforting spiciness of cinnamon and black pepper mixed with soothing amber and an elegant base of leather, and a touch of sweet, creamy vanilla. Originally launched exclusively in Paris, it is now available in Germany at Niche Story for those wanting to try this sumptuous delight.


Famed for her flaming red tresses, Queen Boadicea was also known for wearing a twisted gold torc around her neck, thus inspiring this opulent perfume. Torc embodies everything Boadicea represented, a juxtaposition of both power and femininity with strong notes of oud, amber, and musk topped with a complimenting banquet of sweet, zesty fruits and a heart of heady floral accords. A true statement scent for those with a desire to have an aura of strength and nobility.


Nemer, or tiger in Arabic, is a scent built around its central force of powerful tiger oud, which is named so because of the tiger-skin stripes that appear at the heartwood of the oud’s source tree. As one of Boadicea’s The Victorious’ most coveted perfumes, it now comes in the form of a hair mist and also as a room and fabric spray. The scent is best known for its vivacity and sense of luxury. This mighty oud base accompanied by Turkish rose and Moroccan saffron, giving the perfume a provocative power that is brimming with elegance.

Fire Sapphire

Finally, Fire Sapphire is an intense floral perfume that is like a firework of passion, bound to enchant everyone around you. Inspired by the hypnotic flames of a hot burning fire, this scent will seduce with its fruity notes of plum and bergamot, blanket soft cashmeran, and luxurious Bulgarian rose. Burning bright for hours, the scent will leave a lasting impression with its smoldering warm amber, patchouli, vanilla, and precious woods.


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