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Anima Vinci

Anima Vinci is a visual representation and a mirror of the true power of aroma and the positive effect that our senses are capable of having on our emotions, thoughts, and souls. The brand crafts aromatic perfumes that carry wearers around the globe, take them back decades at a time, or bring back the most priceless memories. The perfume of Anima Vinci, even in the smallest amount, has the ability to alter people's attitudes, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Because Anima Vinci has linked its lasting fragrances with specific characteristics in its marketing, the brand has a rather bohemian-chic outlook. Lime Spirit, for instance, is said to provide an "uplifting and refreshing benefit."

This brand sits at the connection of aromatherapy and more standard perfume, so there are likely to be many people who find that this luxurious approach to aromatherapy works for them and makes them feel extra good about the scent they choose. However, there is something a little bit modern hippy about the way they describe their perfumes, and the references to "aura cleansing" may put some people off.


Nathalie Vinciguerra established Anima Vinci in 2016. The brand certainly has a solid and reputable history because Nathalie was previously the creative director of Penhaligons and L'Artisan Parfumeur. Although it is a new brand, they are gaining popularity, and soon it will be seen everywhere.

Notable is the way the Anima Vinci line is shown. The simple design of the pebble-shaped bottles is quite lovely. The bottle cap elegantly finishes off the curved bottle and is shaped to resemble the heart of a lotus flower. The bottles are so beautiful that they seem like they would fit perfectly into the natural shape of a hand.

Types And Varieties

The brand offers a variety of fragrance collections, with a modern touch to a traditional technique and aroma. The fragrances they offer for men and women include Neroli Wisdom, Wood Of Life, Rose Prana, Lime Spirit, and Oud Delight.

Anima Vinci's fragrances have the ability to transport us all to the vibrant energy of the universe and the everlasting beauty of the natural world.