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Essential Parfums

At Essential Parfums, the ideal course of action is to provide exquisite perfumery at a feasible and affordable price. Eliminating the intermediary and traditional promotion methods allows the brand to avoid expenses that detract from the excellence of the fragrances. After that, these savings will be given to you. This idea is also reflected in their design; each graceful glass container highlights the priceless contents within, simply labeled with the name of the scent and the perfumer's signature. To create smell masterpieces, they work alongside the world's top master and senior perfumers, cautiously selecting the greatest sustainable components wherever possible. As a result, there is now a location where one may purchase distinctively luxurious fragrances at a reasonable cost, all packaged sustainably.


With a rebellious spirit and an objective of restoring the essence of exquisite perfumery, Essential Parfums was launched with over 25 years of experience in the fragrance industry. At Essential Parfums, the humble beginnings began with granting perfumers complete creative freedom without restrictions. Regarding the components themselves, the brand knows that they are well worth the effort to create perfumes that honor each note within because dealing with naturals is more expensive and involved than working with synthetics. Because they believe simplicity is the ultimate elegance, they prioritize a few natural components over an explosion of synthetics.

Types & Varieties

The niche perfume brand not only offers unisex fragrances but also scented candles and luxury body care products. The bestsellers of this brand are Divine Vanille Scented Candles, Bois Impérial Hand and Body Soap, Nice Bergamote, and Bois Impérial fragrance for men and women.