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Christian Provenzano

The world-renowned master perfumer Christian Provenzano has launched a fragrance line under his name, which many have long waited for. The maestro has an unparalleled proficiency in crafting and blending luxurious, multi-award-winning scents and an extensive understanding of worldwide ingredients, all thanks to a lifetime dedicated to the world of perfumes and constant exploration, inspiration, and creativity. This is proven by the unexpected and extraordinary success it has had over the last 40 years working for the world's most thriving and well-known businesses; it is the "best kept" secret behind their most well-known scents.


Christian, whose parents were Italian, was born and raised in Morocco, where he was introduced to a vibrant and alluring atmosphere that was a sensory overload. He was excited and passionate because of the depth of these fragrances that surrounded and enveloped him as a small child. As a result, people began to recognise and comprehend essential oils early on. His global travels and discovery of uncommon essences and components on a global scale helped him build his boundless knowledge when, as a young man, he began working at a Dutch perfume house, and they consented to educate him as a perfumer. Christian has travelled widely and is currently situated in Dubai, where he effectively showcases his avant-garde and creative approach to creating new scents.