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Calaj Perfumes, a Romanian company based in Arad, began its scent adventure in 2020. This well-known niche perfume company hailed for its innovative spirit and artisanal design, has emerged as a global hub for those looking for uncommon, limited-edition, and unusual perfumes.

Calaj Perfumes is committed to infusing each bottle with elegance, exclusivity, and innovation since they intensely love perfumery as an art form. These distinctive blends are a great companion for perfume lovers who value originality and perfection in their aroma collections.

There are several distinctive and limited-edition scents available at Calaj Perfumes. Its modern spirit and artisanal craftsmanship have made it an inspiration for scent enthusiasts all over the world. Its fragrances are a true work of art since they convey exclusivity, originality, and luxury. Every scent transports you on an exciting journey while encapsulating the brand's spirit.


The founder of Calaj Perfumes, Flavius Călaj, established the company in 2020 with the goal of producing exceptional scents that go above what is usual. As an artisanal niche perfume house, Calaj enjoys developing perfumes in limited editions of no more than 100 bottles. Because they are all limited edition, every fragrance is a real work of art.

Working with well-known perfumers such as Miguel Matos, 2020 The Art and Olfaction Awards winner, Calaj Perfumes blends skill and creative artistry. The perfumes are handcrafted by small, local businesses, with careful consideration of detail and creative customisation. A luxurious and sensory experience is ensured by using only the most precious and finest ingredients.

Calaj Perfumes prioritises the human touch over technological processes and believes in the spiritual production of perfumes. Every scent is a labour of love infused with passion and dedication, all thanks to a dedication to craftsmanship. The end product is a variety of exceptional fragrances appealing to sophisticated fragrance enthusiasts.

Types And Varieties

Calaj, being a modern-day perfume brand, has its own way of listing the types of fragrances it offers. The brand offers diverse unisex and luxurious perfumes such as Love Toxin, The Last Ph 85, Metaphore Wj, Evy, and Lilyn, among many others.