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The Harmonist

The Harmonist was founded in 2016 by Lola Tillyaeva (Till), who combined the craft of haute perfumery with the principles of Feng Shui. The initiative was motivated by the desire to use scent to create harmony and balance.

In the wellness and beauty industry, Lola Tillyaeva has become a unique voice, constantly giving the art of perfume new life and empowering her clients to enhance their self-awareness and overall well-being.

Why is “ The Harmonist” Exclusive?

The Harmonist is inspired by an idea to bring balance through scent. These fragrances inspired users to look inward, have faith in the senses, and develop awareness of themselves. They are designed based on a proficient conversation between Guillaume Flavigny, a highly acclaimed perfumer, and our founder, Lola Tillyaeva.

They aim to enlighten the wearer by revealing and enhancing their true selves instead of the person they pretend to be.

The Harmonist is an exquisite perfume brand that aims to empower individuals and help them discover their inner selves. The vision is to give the wearer deep inner healing and a calming aura. The sensually pleasing scents captivate you and give you a majestic olfactory experience.

Why Choose The Harmonist?

The Harmonist is a unique brand that offers an exclusive collection of fragrances. Ranging from refreshing citrusy to light, sweet floral notes, it has got everything covered. You can explore the exemplary collection by The Harmonist, which includes woody-aromatic to sweet-floral fragrances.

Some of the fantastic fragrances include

  • Sun Force
  • Moon Glory
  • Hypnotizing Fire
  • Sacred Water
  • Yin Transformation
  • Magnetic Wood
  • Guiding Water
  • Desired Earth
  • Matrix Metal
  • Metal Flower
  • Velvet Fire
  • Sacred Water
  • Golden Wood
  • Velvet Fire
  • Royal Earth

Crafting scents that are vegan,cruelty-free and unisex to create magnificent masterpieces. These scents add a touch of luxe to your personality and glorify your charisma. Discover the power of inner healing with these sophisticated and authentic scents. Immerse yourself in the mystical earthen rhythms of nature with heavenly aromas. These luxury perfumes are created with art and creativity. Based on the five elements– wood, fire, earth, water and metal. These scents are crafted from rare ingredients and finesse notes to leave unforgettable impressions on the user.