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Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Baruti is a niche fragrance company. Spyros Drosopoulos, a Ph.D. neurologist and perfumer, founded the company in 2015 with the goal of utilising unconventional scent compositions to express novel narratives. The affection of superior quality raw materials and creative vision is the core of Baruti.

Every Baruti fragrance is a character with a distinctive personality and story, greatly influenced by everyday poetry, art, and nature. The brand aims to challenge the standards of traditional perfumery by prioritising originality, subversiveness, and freedom of expression without imposing any restrictions on creative expression. Perfumes by Baruti are an experience; they are defiant, delectable, and always elegant.


With its distinctive creations, Baruti Perfumes, an independent perfume house from The Netherlands, is gaining popularity among fragrance enthusiasts. Spyros Drosopoulos, a self-taught perfumer, founded the company, which is well known for its distinctive combination of wearability and strength of character.

In Greek, the name Baruti means "gunpowder." Because every Baruti perfume is like a tiny explosion, the name is a perfect fit for the brand.

Every fragrance appears on the skin like an explosion of aroma. The scents are powerful, lasting, and intense! Baruti, a Dutch company, was founded in 2015 out of an obsession for perfumery. Their distinctive look combines wearability and innovation. Baruti aims to produce smells that captivate, uplift, and motivate individuals.

Types And Varieties

The brand is the perfect example of blended flavours and luxurious aromas. Have a look at the collection of distinctive unisex fragrances Baruti offers mentioned below:

  • Perverso
  • Dama Koupa
  • Chai
  • Tindrer
  • Nooud
  • Oh My Deer!
  • Onder De Linde
  • Voyance
  • Berlin In Winter
  • Indigo

Alongside offering a list of refreshing fragrances, Baruti offers a list of lavish-smelling room sprays with a highly refreshing and captivating aroma. The list of room sprays is mentioned below:

  • Ouud Bukhoor Room Spray
  • Portlandia Room Spray
  • Patchouli Blond Room Spray
  • Palermo Violet Room Spray

At Baruti, the most intriguing ingredients are handpicked and blended into fresh, inventive ways to create unique fragrance combinations. Though there are various genuine and fictional sources of inspiration, the main goal is always to express a particular feeling in the language of scent. Explore more about Baruti from the official website of Niche Story now.