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OAK is a native of Berlin. Products are sourced from Germany as a whole. Most of the products in family enterprises are manufactured by hand. An OAK product cannot be produced entirely mechanically because the different phases involved in its creation are too diverse. Each product is innovative in a unique way. It is either an entirely new product in the market or very different from similar-focused products that already exist in terms of application and impact.

Every product that OAK creates is the result of much love and labour, with carefully chosen materials and ingredients, a classic yet distinctive design, and careful scent manipulation.

Not only are the ingredients and their effects on people and the surroundings considered during the production process but close collaboration with renowned natural cosmetics certifiers is also maintained. Existing OAK products undergo routine inspections in line with recent research findings.


From the start, the barbershop had the biggest impact on OAK men's grooming evolution. Barbers still have very specific needs when it comes to products: they need to be simple to use, have premium ingredients, and have the best possible results! In reality, what appears straightforward is the outcome of their daily labour. This experience and the current requirements for skin and environmental compatibility constitute the essence: Every OAK product combines the most recent research in natural cosmetics with the knowledge of barbers.

Types & Varieties

OAK offers a luxurious range of men’s grooming and care products targeting their personality and appearance and boosting their overall confidence. The varieties OAK offers include Ursprung perfume, OAK BEARD OIL, OAK BEARD BALM, and OAK BEARD HOLD