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From the frost-kissed landscapes of Norway, Kristian, widely celebrated as Malbrum, embarked on an international journey during his prime. His aspiration? Perfecting the craft of harnessing exquisite essential oils, captivating wood essences, and singular molecules. Since the tender age of 8, the allure of perfumes had captivated him, driven by his impeccable olfactory prowess and unquenchable wonder. Armed with his profound insights, Kristian shaped a fragrance dynasty that's more than just about aroma—it's an odyssey. A realm where the pristine essence of perfumery, characterized by unmatched longevity and impeccable ingredients, intersects with the renowned quality commitment of Norway and his own indomitable spirit of innovation. In this symphony, he visualized an eager tribe of fragrance aficionados, always on the hunt for novel aromatic experiences.