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Brecourt is aware of the special and complex bond that exists between humans and the natural world, and they take great care to strengthen this bond in every person. This intangible scent connection is dynamic and changes with the day, with intentions, and with life. However, only the person wearing the perfume can complete the last stage of crafting the ideal scent—the unique touch that arouses feelings. They have a hidden goal and are the best people to know about themselves. They want to make an unforgettable occasion that will live on in their memories forever.

Like a painter, when we picture a perfume, we divide it into many elements that, when put together, would produce the overall feeling. Emilie BOUGE is asked to design a unique perfume that we refer to as an emotional filter for each aspect.

Each emotional filter requires a lot of testing, and it is only when they are all successful that the perfumer devotes herself to a virtuoso work in their marriage and their dosage until the signature of the perfume you will wear.


The Maison Bruno Court was established in Grasse in 1812. It was the initial connection to the past. The European and Russian nobility, drawn by the uniqueness of the perfumery's creations and their love for customisation, went great distances to have their scents customised. The Bruno Courthouse's desire to master every step of the perfume-making process stemmed from its high standards for excellence. From cultivating and harvesting the flowers that bordered their workshop, where assistants played alluring music, to the perfume organ, where fresh compositions were made daily.

They persuaded Emilie Bouge, the fourth-generation Grasse fragrance whose grandparents had owned the Bruno Courthouse, to support their endeavour to create an exclusive modern perfumery.

The Brecourt brand was established in 2009. They have constructed their workshops in Grasse to control the manufacturing process and enable them to reach their goal of excellence. Emilie Bouge has successfully perfected the formulation technique they searched for over time.

Types And Varieties

The niche fragrance brand offers a vast collection of unisex and luxurious perfumes such as Farah, Ambre Noir, Ibizia Addiction, Solaire, Agaressence and many others.

Brecourt's perfumes are distinguished by their personalised touch, enabling them to establish a relationship that is particular to each person.