Brecourt - Niche Story


In 2009, the BRECOURT brand was created, with Emilie BOUGE leading the way in refining the formulation technique they were seeking. The brand has since built its own workshops in Grasse to control the manufacturing phases, achieving their objective of excellence. BRECOURT understands the unique and complex link that connects man to nature, and they work meticulously to enhance this connection in each individual. This invisible olfactory link is alive and evolves throughout the day, intentions, and life. However, the final step in creating the perfect fragrance, the personal touch that sparks emotion, can only be accomplished by the individual who wears the perfume. They know themselves better than anyone and have a secret objective, wishing to create a moment that will be etched in their memory forever. It is this personal touch that sets BRECOURT's fragrances apart and allows them to create a connection that is unique to each individual.

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