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Parfums De Marly

With an air of magnificence and audacity that animates every one of its creations, Parfums de Marly captures the essence of the palace. A distinct history is evident in every perfume, from the names of its scents to the glasswork of its bottles.

Proudly showcasing the Parfums de Marly identity, inspired by the 18th-century coat of arms symbolism. These contemporary blazons, which imply nobility and virtuosity, pay homage to the horses of Marly, masterworks Louis XV had sculptor Guillaume Coustou create in 1743 to decorate the Château entrance.

Julien Sprecher created innovative Parfums De Marly in the line of Haute Parfumerie in 2009. Selected the best raw ingredients to make the perfect creations. The Parfums De Marly perfume collection enables the exploration of an endless creative palette, ranging from the woodiest to the most floral scents.

Why is Parfums De Marly Exquisite?

  • Essences With Character
  • At first glance, the uninhibited elegance of a Parfums de Marly scent stands out. A highly intricate personality with a striking contrast in art that lingers. Noble, contemporary ingredients are interpreted in unique ways. Lingering freshness or lightness with surprising potency.

  • A Collection of Emotions
  • A fragrance from Parfums de Marly conveys a feeling. From the indulgence of a favourite, portrayed by hints of Chantilly cream, to the demeanour of a contemporary gentleman, captured by hints of spice... Every fragrance provides an experience for every mood.

  • Exquisite Boutiques
  • Parfums De Marly has 1000+ stores worldwide, including its luxurious and refined boutiques. These elegant boutiques give you a graceful experience exploring the fancy perfume collection. Showcasing nobility, courtesy and gentility in their ostentatious scent collection.

  • Epitome of Royalty
  • Inspired by the French royal traditionality and regal artistry to create a flamboyant perfume collection. The sophisticated scent collection wraps you in the luxurious class and rich charisma.

Types & Varieties

Parfums De Marly has a versatile perfume collection, body line, creams and mist. An exhilarating and elegant collection to give you a taste of luxury. The exclusive collection includes

  • The Masculine Signature Collection
  • From Galloway and Kalan to Althaïr, Layton, and Percival. The elegant trails and woodsy base notes characterise scents.

  • The Feminine Signature Collection
  • Meliora, Valaya, Oriana, and many others… Showcasing bouquets in every shape and size, featuring lavish floral displays and the softest petals.

  • The Untamed Colognes
  • Sedley and Greenley: a tribute to skin-lingering sensations and freshness in any season.

  • The Metallics
  • Pegasus, Godolphin, and Herod. The warm, delicate notes with a hint of wood or vanilla leave an enduring amber scent.

  • The Exclusifs
  • The Exclusif range includes Layton Exclusif to Pegasus Exclusif. Reimagined versions of two iconic Maison classics that are utterly addictive.

Embrace yourself in the finesse fragrances. Discover the alluring power with the gorgeous scent collection.