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Cherish the idea, the journey, the introduction to the unexplored, the faraway, the distant, and the timeless. The philosophical idea of what is hidden, out of sight, and beyond human perception is where House Noème, a luxury fragrance brand, gets its name. It rises and gives previously unexplored lands life. With her assortment of perfumes, she secretly reveals the mysteries that the earth keeps. Noème, a wealthy and little-known brand, makes a stunning debut with its collection of five seductive scents. Allow yourself to be taken on a sensual and aromatic adventure. Attempt fate and luck. The smells of Maison Noème will guide your senses.


Based in Paris, NOÈME Paris is a high-end perfume brand. Yassin Karim, a Malagasy entrepreneur, founded the brand. The scents are gender-neutral to appeal to both men and women. Every bottle may be recognised by its unique, never-before-seen top, which resembles the Greek snake Ouroboros. The Mayan temples, and particularly the sacrifices made to their gods, are the source of the attraction of NOÈME Paris, the diamond. Noème Paris launched its first fragrance collection at Maison Baccarat four years ago. The experts in high perfumery observed this first appearance right away. There isn't a comparable product for Yassin Karim's niche perfume brand on the market. "Noem" derives its name from the same-named philosophical notion that means "inaccessible" in literal terms. In this regard, its brand has been developed and designed.

Types & Varieties

The niche fragrance brand offers a variety of luxurious unisex perfumes, ranging from Kalahari, Abysse, Divin Part, Atitlàn and Naïca.