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Eolie Parfums

Eolie Parfums was founded in 2014 by Olga Iossa, the project's creator and current creative director, out of her intense love for the Aeolian Islands and her desire to convey the intense sensory experience by distilling the essence that gives each island its distinct personality so that you can carry it with you and wear it on your skin for a very long time. The seven Aeolian islands are mythological, unaltered, and waiting for you in the centre of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A pure ocean envelops, tenderly touches, and sits over them, having sculpted their form for countless millennia and yet subtly defining it even now.

Imagine being surrounded by the seven magnificent Aeolian Islands while standing in a raging sea. Their craggy coastlines are softly touched by sparkling waters that reveal ancient secrets. These islands, formed by volcanic explosions, possess a tangible, raw, and ethereal energy. Olga, the founder, tried to capture and infuse this energy, this unseen power, into every one of the magnificent fragrances that Eolie Parfums creates. Every fragrance is made with a certain chemistry that manifests distinctively for each person. The scent drifts into the air and never overpowers the senses, whether applied to the neck, hair, wrists, or elbows.


In 2014, Olga Lossa, the project's creator and current creative director, had a strong passion for the Aeolian Islands, which inspired her to create Eolie Parfums. She wanted to convey the intense sensory experience of each island by capturing its essence, which would linger on your skin for a long time.

The seven legendary, untainted, and wild Aeolian islands are waiting for you in the centre of the Tyrrhenian Sea. After crafting their form for millennia and still subtly defining their features, a pristine sea envelops, caresses, and rules them.

Although they are extremely concrete, these sites are full of suggestions. Not to be forgotten is that they are volcanic islands formed and carved by lava, which releases physical energies.