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Eolie Parfums

Eolie Parfums was born in 2014 from the deep love of Olga Iossa, the creator of the project and the current creative director, for the Aeolian Islands and from the desire to tell the intense sensory experience by capturing the essence that makes each island unique in its character, to carry it with you and fix it on the skin for a long time. Wild, unspoiled, mythical, the seven Aeolian islands are there in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea waiting for you. A crystal clear sea surrounds them, caresses them, dominates them, after having shaped their shape for millennia and millennia, continuing to draw their contours imperceptibly today. These places are full of suggestions, but they ar1e also very material. Let's not forget that these are volcanic islands, which release physical energies, whose physiognomy has been designed and shaped by lava.

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