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Simply put, SG79|STHLM is the location where concepts and aromas are born. Fragrances that aren't restricted to lifestyle, fashion, or other international brands—just wonderful fragrances that you can find and appreciate. Romella launched the expanding line of SG79|STHLM scents in 2015. The collection is based on photographs taken by well-known photographer Dawid. Discover your own particular favourites from the assortment of perfumes that are always being added! Like great art photography, fragrances are a matter of personal preference, perception, recollections, and associations. The designation SG79|STHLM refers to Sibyllegatan 79 in Stockholm, which is the address where the concepts for the scent line originated.


The Swedish business Romella, which has a long history in the perfume industry, is the SG79|STHLM line creator. Romella has previously designed scent lines for renowned companies like Lexington, Björn Borg, Gant, and Salming. Romella is quite pleased with SG79|STHLM, their first fragrance line under their own brand, which is made and packaged in Sweden. Perfume and photography seem like an unlikely combination, yet they are intimately related. A fragrance may trigger mental images, like a picture that can bring back memories of a scent. The origin of the scents in the SG79|STHLM series builds a bridge between these two worlds, which are opposites in terms of one-dimensional sensory perceptions.

Types & Varieties

The niche fragrance brand SG79|STHLM offers a list of luxury perfumes for men and women. Some of their unisex perfumes are N° 23 and N° 16