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Ponsà Barcelona

Cedar Forest is the first scent from the Spanish niche perfume brand PONSA, which was established in 2019. It is rich in woody notes, warm resins, and moss, and it is inspired by the beauty of cedar accords, which offer the environment a crispness. The owner and perfumer of Ponsà Barcelona, Alejandro Ponsa, then unveiled a product that poses a challenge to all enthusiasts of oud: The unique quality of Indy Oud Extrait de Parfum is the remarkable strength of oud and resin, which is enhanced with a hint of frosty mint, laurel, and valerian. This scent is a true game of contrasts, with subtle notes of musk, citrus, flowers, and herbs.


Alejandro Ponsà's grandfather wanted to establish his liquor distillery in the 1960s while working for a well-known company. These were trying times, and despite multiple tries, he was unable to complete the project. Alejandro learned the craft of distillation for the first time during this time. Alejandro is currently practising distillation in a completely unrelated field—the world of signature perfumes. He had a fascination for collecting iconic perfumes, which inspired him to learn how to develop a speciality scent and launch his own company, Ponsà Barcelona perfumes.

Types & Varieties

The luxury perfume brand offers a range of unisex perfumes, such as Cedar Forest and Indy Oud.