Reine de Saba - Niche Story

Reine de Saba

Renowned, commanding, and enigmatic, she was one of antiquity's most legendary personas from the Middle East. Her fragrant aura enveloped her wherever she roamed, and her reputation spread far and wide. She was the renowned Queen of Sheba, or as known in French, Reine de Saba. The homeland of the Queen of Sheba was a solar energy hub, hosting nature's gifts that formed the wealth of ancient perfumery: the perfume trees. Her dominion spanned the southwestern Arabian Peninsula, which today constitutes Yemen, stretching out to Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. It was a kingdom made prosperous due to a vital asset for the ancient civilizations: aromatic resins, particularly frankincense and myrrh, which eventually assumed a pivotal role in both religious ceremonies and the art of perfume creation.

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