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Art de Parfum

Art de Parfum is an independent, proudly ethical brand that takes a fresh approach to perfumery and exudes a contemporary French sophistication at every touchpoint. The brand works on the approach of serving the best quality of products alongside being environment-friendly.

The bottles and packaging are made entirely of sustainable materials. The bottle is constructed entirely from recyclable glass, and the cap is made from wood that has been planted responsibly. Natural materials of organic origin have been made use of whenever possible. Certificates of origin for green and biohazard-free production are attached to everything. The perfume box comprises 100% biodegradable natural cardboard wrapped in linen.


Established in 2015, Art de Parfum is a fragrance firm with a niche following that has won awards and operates with ethics at its very foundation. One of the first perfume brands to source and manufacture responsibly, Art de Parfum scents are all made 100% in Grasse, France, using eco-friendly elements that don't contribute to third-world exploitation.

The goal of creator Ruta Degutyte is to provide incredibly unique, cutting-edge, imaginative, and unisex scents that surpass the boundaries of traditional perfumery and convey strong emotions in a clear and concise manner.

"I wanted to connect with an enhanced, selective, and ecologically aware fragrance enthusiast who values high-end, thought-provoking fragrances without sacrificing quality." says the founder, Ruta Degutyte. With a modern and sophisticated French approach to perfumery, Art de Parfum is a fully independent, family-owned, ethical brand.

Types And Varieties

The collection from Art De Parfum proves the creative skill of perfumery, where aromas are transformed from simple smells into fascinating experiences. The list of fragrances Art de Parfum offers is Gin & Tonic Cologne, Kimono Vert, Sabotage, and Signature Wild perfume for men and women, among others.

Each scent tells a different tale, inviting us to discover the many dimensions of the smell world, from the delicate balance of Kimono Vert to the mysterious appeal of Sensual Oud. Whether they're appreciating contrasts or eliminating delusions, these luxurious scents capture the spirit of Art De Parfum's commitment to creating unmatched sensory experiences.