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the Munio

Munio is, above all, a pleasant experience. The brand restores the natural energy in every house. Its assortment of handcrafted room fragrance, including a set of scented candles made with natural soy wax, is produced in Latvia's breathtaking scenery. Calm and unexpected scents transport you to a sunny forest or a flower-filled meadow, where you are invited to relax under the romantic glow of a candle.


When the brand's founder, Elina, ran a café, she came up with the idea for Munio, or producing candles. To set the mood, candles were lit all around. There was a price to be paid for using hundreds of candles per month. There must be an alternative method. When Elina started looking into creating candles, she discovered that soy wax could be used in place of paraffin. It burned almost twice as long. In 2007, Elina and two friends started producing candles as a hobby, which soon evolved into a company. When the chance arose to attend an established trade fair in Japan, they were unable to turn it down despite their lack of expertise. Although figuring out every detail was challenging, the experience gave them new abilities that are still relevant today.

Types & Varieties

Munio is a true aromatic journey for you to dive in. The brand offers a set of scented candles, the Flower Candles Gift Set, which resembles a flower bouquet in the shape of candles. The candles will naturally scent the spaces with a beautiful and luxurious fragrance.