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LH Candle Studio

Located in Uptown Houston, Texas, LH CANDLE is a small batch candle business established in 2018. LH is an acronym for the owner's surname and first initials, "Lee, MinaH" (where her last name comes first).

The company uses only premium ingredients in their hand-poured, small-batch luxury candles, which are scented with carefully chosen and blended phthalate-free fragrance oil (mixed with various natural essential oils) and created with 100% American-grown soy wax.

The wicks are also free of lead and zinc and made entirely of cotton.


LH Candle Studio's maker and owner, Minah Lee, was employed by the Korean government as a chemical and pharmaceutical patent researcher who was originally from Seoul, South Korea.

When she had leisure time, she enjoyed taking painting, jewellery-making, and candle-making workshops, among other workshops. Because everything about how candles are manufactured, burn, and function is based on chemistry, which she studied and worked with, she found creating fragrance blends and soy wax candles quite fascinating.

She gained fundamental knowledge from the workshop and then developed a hobby of candle manufacturing.

Then, she accidentally discovered related movies of flowers on soy candles after watching footage of buttercream flowers on cakes on YouTube one day. This is how Minah Lee started learning and practising the process of flower candle manufacturing.

In 2016, Lee and her spouse relocated to Houston due to his job, and she started creating candles again for friends, which quickly gained popularity.

Then she thought, if these individuals are enjoying her candles, more people must be out there.

Thus, in 2018, she formally established LH Candle Studio.

Types & Varieties

The luxury room fragrance brand LH Candle Studio offers a range of scented wax tablets such as Rose Mood, After Rain, Orange Cedarwood and Lavender Bliss and scented candles such as Cowboy Coffee Candle, Day Dream Candle and Rose Mood Candle.