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When wearing BOHOBOCO, how does it make you feel? This exceptional scent remains with you for a long time because it takes you on a journey within and evokes memories and feelings of the past. They highlight the personalities and become unforgettable aspects of significant life events.

The modern fashion idea BOHOBOCO was developed by Michał Gilbert Lach, a Polish designer. Despite the brand's recent introduction to the market in 2009, its look is instantly recognisable. Every project has the ideal style, comfort, functionality, and elegance ratio, with carefully chosen colours and textiles as the foundation. The most significant fashion capitals' signature combinations of styles are reflected in the bohemian-chic trend. Projects blend London's avant-garde, Paris's sophistication, and the Milanese dolce vita.


BOHOBOCO's Creative Director, Michał Gilbert Lach Bohoboco, says, "It is a beautiful story of a freedom where gender, orientation, skin colour, faith, or interests do not matter." His words speak volumes. The aroma doesn't enforce any guidelines; instead, it allows you to explore your inner sanctuary and find your life's purpose, enabling you to live in balance with who you are.

Every bottle is an incredible experience, a unique source of inspiration, and a fantastic means of connecting with the outside world. With perfumes, one can communicate nonverbally and convey the whole story of oneself. For him, making perfumes is not just about picking scents; it's also about looking for a mystical depth shaped by the most priceless feelings, memories, experiences, and times spent with amazing individuals who deeply touched him on an inside level.

Types And Varieties

The brand offers a list of unisex perfumes by creating a beautiful history of freedom and tolerance. BOHOBOCO helps people showcase their souls. The list of perfumes the brand offers is mentioned below:

  • Olibanum - Gardenia
  • Geranium - Balsamic Note
  • Eucalyptus - Patchouli
  • Sandalwood - Neroli

Everybody has breakthrough moments in life that influence the development of their inner self. Those experiences stay with us forever and aid in our development. They evoke strong memories that recollected sights and smells can both recreate. The most beautiful and priceless memories have been preserved in the BOHOBOCO crystal bottles.