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Approximately 90% of our lives are spent inside. A high quality of life is dependent on having natural and pleasant indoor air for our health and well-being. It is, therefore, very crucial that you ensure that the air within your four walls is clean and favourable to breathing. ZirbenLüfter is a brand which focuses on creating a suitable and aromatic indoor experience. Being centric around the pines, this luxury perfume brand aims at commitment, trust and quality to their valuable customers.


Because of its built-in self-cleaning processes, nature has a rare ability to refuel itself. This protects the air that we need to survive. Sadly, people frequently take fresh air for granted and overlook a crucial idea. Life is breathing. By using this natural concept, the ZirbenLüfter produces a naturally existing indoor environment. In recent years, our lifestyles have gotten more and more creative and progressive. Our daily lives have been made easier by numerous advancements. On the other hand, this severely damages our ecosystem. We encounter numerous stressful situations every day that are bad for our health. Research has worked to create guidelines for environmental protection over the years. With this mission and aim, ZirbenLüfter focuses on creating perfumes that create a natural aromatic experience for the users.

Types & Varieties

ZirbenLüfter creates 100% natural and unisex perfumes. ARVE Chaleureux perfume for men and women is a bestseller. Explore the other fragrance of the brand, ARVE Pétillant.