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Plume Impression Paris is Sabine and Gabriel's creation and love tale. Sabine, an Austrian, and Gabriel, a Frenchman, have a passionate relationship. Being total opposites, they came up with a tale about a feather that perfectly captured both their personalities and the brand's powerful, independent, and flawless objectives. "Plume Impression is a way for us to share our passion for fragrances and the amazing experiences they evoke. As much as we have liked designing our scents, we hope you will enjoy wearing them". is a note from the founder, Sabine.


A creative brand called Plume Impression conveys every quality of a feather. Beauty, the power of its lightness of existence, and the complexity of its production. It's the ability to wander aimlessly into the unknown without restrictions or limitations. The brand continues to explore far-off locations, romantic destinations, and accidental meetings since this is the central idea conveyed through the fascinating world of fragrances.

The two founders of Plume Impressions are the inspiration for all of the perfumes. Their feelings, their journeys, and all of their shared experiences and recollections. They collaborate with some of the greatest and most well-known perfumers, such as Jordi Fernandez, Mark Buxton, and Quentin Bisch, to mention a few. Plume Impression takes great satisfaction in utilising only the finest, carefully selected ingredients in all of its creations. The brand creates distinctive and irresistible perfumes due to its approach and skill in creating great fragrances.

Types & Varieties

This niche fragrance brand offers a range of unisex fragrances and luxurious haircare products. The bestsellers of Plume Impression are Elégance Cuirée Hair Mist and Rivalité Impériale.