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Orlov Paris

Every Orlov Paris fragrance has a stone associated with it. These diamonds have always been objects of desire throughout their frequently mysterious history, whether they were given as marks of love, worn as symbols of power, or purchased to sustain an obsession. These days, Orlov Paris gives their stories a new dimension with a line of olfactory diamonds made by fragrance diamond cutters. Each one is as distinct as the legendary diamond it bears. Just as tempting as a present from a lover." A declaration from the business itself.


Ruth and Thomas Méaulle established the French niche brand Orlov Paris in 2015. In an indirect reference to their romance, the brand Orlov Paris took its name from the legendary diamond that topped the Russian Imperial sceptre. Orlov Paris is a new fragrance brand. The most recent edition dates from 2020, while the oldest was released in 2015.

Types & Varieties

The Best Of Me is a fragrance for men and women released in 2015 that the niche perfume brand offers. This fragrance offers a fresh scent and long-lasting application.