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Stephane Humbert Lucas 777

Stéphane Humbert Lucas, the man of Nez a Nez and SoOud, has launched a new brand called téphane Humbert Lucas 777. In addition to being a particular favourite of Lucas's, the number seven has spiritual and symbolic significance across time. The "777" in the brand name and emblem stands for good fortune, spirituality, and protection. Fragrances from the Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 line are made with priceless essences and come in luxurious bottles and packaging with oriental themes.


In 2012, Stephane Humbert Lucas, who considers the Orient the beginning of the cosmos, presented his first collection under his own brand, inspired by his trips to the Middle East. The Orient in the Western imagination brings up images of rural elegance and sophistication. The luxuriousness of glittering textiles, the richness of fragrant floral and spice combinations, the beautiful scent, the Arabian Nights-inspired décor, the atmosphere of floating seraglios, and the imaginations that reside within.

Painter and poet Stéphane Humbert Lucas was educated beneath a Flemish master in the South of France, specialising in tempera painting and developing an obsession with the relationship of colours and texture. Persuaded that each colour had a scent, he came to understand his synesthesia—a perceptual condition in which activation of his visual organs together triggers his gustatory organs. Then, mastering colour combinations allowed one to create original and new fragrances.

Types & Varieties

Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 is a niche perfume brand which offers a range of luxurious, unisex perfumes. The bestsellers include Ô Hira and 2022 Generation Black perfume for men and women. The newest from their range is Oumma.