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Ideo Parfumeurs

Ideo Parfumeurs, a perfume company based in Beirut, Lebanon, draws inspiration from the city's unique creative spirit and seductive contradictions to create sophisticated yet long-lasting and daring scents. Beirut, which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, serves as a crossing point for influences from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Furthermore, this capital city is enhanced by the millions of Lebanese immigrants that have settled throughout the Americas and Australia. Ideo Parfumeurs were drawn to Beirut because of the city's many paradoxes and its mixing pot of cultures.


Ludmila Bitar is a businesswoman, expert in beauty, and art collector. She is the founder of the independent fragrance brand Ideo Parfumeurs. Ludmila created her perfume line because she was tired of the industry's dishonesty regarding materials and production methods. The line strikes a unique mix of elegance and affordability. Her goal was to offer a fresh perspective on making perfumes inspired by the memories of the perfumers of fifty years ago, who took their time crafting a bold scent yet full of stories and memories. With strong Middle Eastern ties yet distinctly European culture, the brand scents' skillfully blend this energy to create goods that have a hint of individuality, an element of independence, and a timeless elegance.

Types & Varieties

Explore the luxury fragrance collection for men and women, which includes the newest Malika’s Temptation and Ze Perfumes Sample Set, Prison Blues and Space Rhapsody.