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Fragrance Du Bois

Born from the purest essences of nature, Fragrance Du Bois is an exclusive perfume house created by fifth-generation perfumers from the 17th-century French tradition of Grasse.

The essence of every Fragrance Du Bois creation lies in its signature oud, which is both distinctive and one-of-a-kind, radiating the height of luxury. Less than 7% of Aquilaria trees in the wild have resin, which is the source of oud. The wood is dark and sticky. Because of illicit logging, wild resources have been greatly depleted, making pure oud exceedingly valuable. Since 2004, the CITES convention has protected all Aquilaria tree species. Every scent has 100 percent sustainable, pure oud that is grown on the Fragrance Du Bois plantations.


With its headquarters in Paris, France, Fragrance Du Bois is a niche fragrance firm specializing in Oud fragrances. Fragrance Du Bois collaborates directly with Asian producers of organic oud oil to bring unique and innovative perfumes to high-end markets worldwide. The company responsibly develops the best raw materials using value-added manufacturing methods to generate sustainable products supporting rural communities and boosting local economies.

In addition to working within the industry to raise awareness of the difficulty of Aquilaria trees—the source of oud—in the wild and the significance of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, an intergovernmental agreement) in protecting rare and endangered species, Fragrance Du Bois is opening exclusive fragrance lounges in major fashion centers throughout the world. Fragrance Du Bois, which has boutiques in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand and special fragrance lounges in Dubai and Hong Kong, delivers only the best custom perfumery experiences.

Types & Varieties

Fragrance Du Bois is a luxury perfume brand that offers a range of unisex perfumes. Oud Rouge Intense is the bestseller in the brand's long list of luxury fragrances. Oud Vert Intense is the newest in the collection among other perfumes for men and women such as London Oud and Patchouli Argent.