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Laboratorio Olfattivo

The Eau de Parfum is the concentration that Laboratorio Olfattivo has chosen for its works since it is the best way to understand the excellence of raw ingredients and olfactory formulas fully. They can be regarded as "emotional experiences" that come to life through our sense of smell because of their extremely distinctive composition.

The scents are packaged in an understated yet sophisticated manner in a linear, comfortable-to-hold bottle. The scent selections from Laboratorio Olfattivo maintain the highest standards for both the aroma and the entire appearance by creating a perfect combination of what's inside and the container.


The origins of Laboratorio Olfattivo can be traced back to Roberto Drago and Daniela Caon's shared passion for specialised fragrances in 2009. A collection of 23 Eau de Parfum that includes Nerotic, Vanhera, Sacreste, and Nerosa.

It is part of the Masters' Collection and the Laboratorio in Nero collections, and it was developed by perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena and Lucien Ferrero. It is a project that combines the efforts of the most diverse creatives now active in the market, as spearheaded by Roberto Drago, the brand's creative director.

They generate sparks of creativity and shards of dreams that Laboratorio Olfattivo then crafts into magnificent perfumes.

Types & Varieties

This niche fragrance brand, Laboratorio Olfattivo, offers a range of unisex perfumes. Vanagloria is the bestseller, while Daimiris and ExpLOud perfumes for men and women are the newest additions to the range.