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Introducing Rhizome, the 2019 creation of brothers Stefano and Andrea Aschieri. The brand is a vibe, not just an average scent company. Rhizome creates daringly unique candles, ambient scents, and unisex Eau de Parfums.

Rhizome has found its niche in a world where boutique perfumery has lost its way. They believe a change is necessary in the luxury fragrance market. Why? For the youth are worthy of something genuine. Put an end to the excessive expenses, outdated branding, and phoney exclusivity.


Rhizome is an artistic effort by compassionate individuals, founded in 2019 by Stefano Aschieri, Andrea Aschieri, and Dario Pozzi.

According to Rhizome, the majority of firms in the crowded niche fragrance sector have alienated consumers with high prices, impersonal branding, and a phoney feeling of luxury.

According to Rhizome, an original approach is needed, one that is centred on the client and one that offers simplicity, They think a well-executed fragrance is an experience as much as a smell. An event that sticks in your memory. A scent that can mark a specific moment in time.

Types & Varieties

This niche fragrance brand Rhizome offers a list of luxury perfumes for men and women, along with scented candles. Some of their unisex perfumes are Rhizome 1 and Rhizome 2.