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The Perfumer’s Story

In October 2015, Azzi Glasser introduced her line of fragrances under The Perfumer's Story brand, introducing 11 limited editions. "The Perfumer's Story By Azzi" has emerged as a prominent brand at the forefront of speciality scents, crafted to suit the unique preferences of skilled fragrance stylists.


For more than 25 years, Azzi Glasser has been a rebel in the traditional fragrance industry. At the age of 23, she secured a position as Creative Director and went on to co-found Agent Provocateur and Bella Freud fragrances with great success. Her unique and creative approach to fragrance has allowed her to build an individual fragrance company with a distinguished list of renowned clients. She has also won six FiFi awards and has been featured in publications throughout the globe, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, Elle, Cosmo, and GQ.

She finally debuted her own business, The Perfumer's Story, in 2016. Her mission was to create lovely perfumes that uplift people's spirits, reinvent the sense of smell, and use aroma to convey tales. She noticed that it was difficult for individuals to identify their trademark scent, so instead of focusing on families, she developed a line influenced by character and style to let people connect, identify their signature scent, and establish a library of perfumes suitable for every type of person, occasion, and emotion.

Types & Varieties

The niche perfume brand, The Perfumer’s Story, offers a range of luxurious and unisex perfumes. The bestsellers include Sequoia Wood, S & X and Mystère Vetivert perfume for men and women.