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Ernesto Collado, a playwright and actor from northern Spain's Catalonia region, is passionate about creating natural fragrances, and his latest endeavour is Bravanariz or Brave Nose. Ernesto uses locally grown, responsibly wild-harvested botanicals to create his extraordinarily unique perfumes, colognes, and home fragrances collection. To study the olfactory language of plants, Bravanariz perfumes aim to reconnect our senses and selves with nature empathetically.

It is easy and understandable to find oneself labelled as a perfume brand, even though Bravanariz is not considered one. Their stance is not against traditional synthetic perfumery; it takes a different approach. Their unique selling point is their approach to product understanding, which they refer to as "olfactory captures," which helps them avoid confusing customers with the intricacies of their goods."


The multi-talented founder of Bravanariz, Ernesto Collado, hails from northern Spain's Catalonia coastline region. He constantly swam against the flow as a theatrical creator and contemporary artist, running from labels of any kind. Being the grandson of one of the most well-known Spanish chemical perfumers and manufacturers of natural essential oils at the start of the 20th century, he acquired a remarkable sense of smell and an unwavering passion for plants.

After receiving his education in Grasse, he worked with producers of essential oils and former students of his grandfather to finish his studies in perfumery. Self-taught botanist, a voracious reader of poetry and philosophy, and an enthusiastic communicator, he has channelled all of his quirky inventiveness and unquenchable curiosity for nature into Bravanariz.

Types And Varieties

Bravanariz offers a range of perfumes which take your olfactory senses to a new height. The collection is mentioned below:

  • 4 Seasons Set: 100ml each of Gener, Maig, Agost and Octubre.
  • Olfactory Journey: 10ml bottles each of Landscape Scents (Bosc, Muga And Cala)
  • Agost
  • Maig
  • Gener

Plants and sites make up Bravanariz. They want to collect the flavours and store them in a jar. not just to learn about them but also to be fluent in the language of plants. Bravanariz shares the scenery with you through scents made entirely of natural ingredients. It is what they are suggesting. Smell fiercely, avariciously, inquisitively. Put forth the effort, become engaged, allow yourself to be changed, and maybe, with some experience, feel nature to relate to the environment from a different, more accepting, and compassionate position.