Eagle Eyed Stranger

BY: OJAR | Type: Eau de Parfum
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Eagle Eyed Stranger is a perfume by Ojar for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is woody-spicy.

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Gender: Unisex,Him,Her,
Olfactive Family: Origin: Oman


Eagle Eyed Stranger is a bold and mysterious fragrance, characterized by the profound depth of incense, complemented by the distinctive scents of dry woods and the crisp, aromatic notes of birch. This captivating scent is reminiscent of a mysterious figure, possessing an acute and discerning perspective.

The fragrance commences with a top note trio that sets a compelling and enigmatic tone. Bay leaf brings a sharp, spicy aroma, while muguet (lily of the valley) adds a delicate, floral touch. These are masterfully intertwined with the deep, resinous scent of incense, creating an opening that is both intriguing and commanding.

As the heart of Eagle Eyed Stranger reveals itself, it delves into a rich and earthy realm. Here, the dry and robust character of woods is beautifully balanced with the mossy, green undertones of oakmoss and the subtly earthy, leathery nuances of vetyver. This combination evokes a sense of wandering through a dense, ancient forest, full of secrets and silent wisdom.

Completing this olfactory journey, the base notes offer a fascinating contrast. The warm, resinous scent of white amber melds seamlessly with the spicy, slightly sweet aroma of pimento. Birch, known for its crisp, clean, and slightly minty scent, adds a final touch of freshness and complexity. Eagle Eyed Stranger is a scent that encapsulates the essence of boldness and mystery, perfect for those who view the world with a keen and discerning eye.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Bay Leaf, Incense, Lily-of-the-Valley

Heart Notes
Oakmoss, Vetiver, Dry Wood

Base Notes
Pimento, Birch, White Amber

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