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Peccatum is a perfume by Profumo di Firenze for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is leathery-floral.

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Gender: Him,Her,Unisex,
Olfactive Family: Origin: Italy


Peccatum is a fragrance that embodies the concept of liberation and divine transgression, offering an olfactory journey from sin to redemption. It begins with the fine, delicate notes of Rose, transitioning through the hefty, rich notes of Tobacco, creating a scent with a strong and inebriating character, reflecting the complexity and depth of the human soul.

The fragrance opens with an intriguing mix of top notes. Earthy Notes provide a grounding, natural scent, evoking the rawness of nature and the human condition. Mineral Notes add a crisp, clean, and slightly salty touch, symbolizing the purity of transformation. Saffron, with its rich, warm, and spicy aroma, introduces a luxurious and exotic element, while Damascena Rose adds a classic, deeply floral, and romantic scent, representing the beauty and delicacy of the soul.

At its heart, “Peccatum” reveals a blend of rich and deep notes. Leather contributes a warm, rich, and slightly smoky aroma, symbolizing the rugged and enduring aspects of the human spirit. Tobacco adds a robust, smoky, and slightly sweet scent, reflecting the inebriating and addictive nature of transgression. Incense brings a mystical, smoky, and resinous quality, evoking a sense of ritual and spiritual cleansing. Labdanum, with its warm, sweet, and amber-like scent, adds depth and richness, while Patchouli provides an earthy, musky, and slightly sweet base, grounding the heart in complexity and depth.

The base of the fragrance offers a profound and grounding finish. Vetiver, with its fresh, earthy, and slightly woody character, represents the regeneration and growth that comes from introspection and understanding. Amber adds a warm, resinous, and slightly powdery scent, symbolizing the warmth and light of redemption. Leather reappears in the base, reinforcing the sense of endurance and the transformative journey of the soul.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Damask Rose, Saffron, Mineral notes, Earthy Notes

Heart Notes
Leather, Tobacco, Patchouli, Incense, Labdanum

Base Notes
Leather, Vetiver, Amber

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