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The Delina Exclusif gift set

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Delina Exclusif is a perfume by Parfums de Marly for women and was released in 2017. The scent is sweet-fruity.

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Gender: Her,
Olfactive Family: Origin: France


With the artistry of renowned perfumer Quentin Bisch, Delina Exclusif emerges not merely as a fragrance but as an olfactory tapestry, beautifully woven to pay homage to the radiant and captivating essence of femininity. Parfums de Marly, in its signature style, presents a fragrance that harmoniously melds the allure of florals with the richness of fruit and the depth of resins.

Inside the Delina Exclusif Christmas Gift Set:

Delina Exclusif Eau de Parfum (75ml): This elegant flacon, encasing 75ml of the bewitching Delina Exclusif, stands as a centerpiece, radiating the promise of opulence, grace, and charm.

Delina Exclusif Eau de Parfum (30ml): This petite counterpart is your fragrant confidante, destined for those intimate moments, travel escapades, or simply as a cherished keepsake.

The Delina Exclusif eau de parfum duo encapsulates the spirit of the festive season in the most refined manner. Instead of a fleeting bouquet, Parfums de Marly offers an enduring floral tribute that promises to stand the test of time. Delina Exclusif isn’t just about wearing a fragrance; it’s about wearing a sentiment, a cherished memory, a reflection of grace and sensuality. Gift it to yourself or to a beloved, and let this Christmas be fragrantly unforgettable.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Bergamot, Pear, Lychee

Heart Notes
Turkish rose, Frankincense, Oud

Base Notes
Woody notes, Amber, Vanilla

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