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BOADICEA HAIR MIST – Just fabulously scented hair.

Boadicea the Victorious is a British fragrance brand that is independent. We’ve designed a line of gender-neutral perfumes that are uniquely British and of unrivaled quality, inspired by a pivotal time in history. Each of the distinctive bottles was handcrafted by some of Britain’s best craftspeople and exemplifies the brand’s commitment to British heritage and values. Boadicea the Victorious is the ultimate celebration of beauty, power, and grandeur, combining history, legacy, and timeless classic elegance.




With a vivid mist that blends the delicious depths of the soil with exquisite floral notes, beautifully perfumed gleaming hair takes center stage. Allow your passion to burn brightly as spicy coriander and creamy Turkish rose are absorbed and then seductively radiated, giving way to musk, vanilla, and amber’s subtle base persuasions. Rose Absolute and jasmine are at the core of this fragrance, providing a strong feeling of sensuality and refinement. Ardent speaks of steamy nights boiling with passion, filled with heightened anticipation and drama, for the pleasure seeker.




Azrak alluded to a unique blue hue, evoking the ultramarine depths that surround our island country, as well as the cobalt swirls and cerulean tints that dance in the sea. This is a perfume that breaks like gentle waves on the shore, assaulting the senses with pinnacles of pineapple, lemon, cardamom, and cassis, followed by eddying touches of rose, jasmine, and spicy accord to wash softly against cedarwood, musk, and amber in a bottle with a unique blue finish and gold shield. Azrak is a heady and mesmerizing blend that is likely to captivate.


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