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Cortile is a perfume by Milano Fragranze for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is floral-woody.

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Gender: Him,Her,Unisex,
Olfactive Family: Origin: Italy


Elevate your olfactory experience to new heights of luxury with Milano Fragranze Cortile. Crafted with utmost sophistication, this scent is a passionate homage to the opulent gardens that grace Italy’s most prestigious villas. Whether you identify as a man or a woman, Cortile’s embrace is universal, painting a picture of Italian elegance on the canvas of your skin.

The fragrance journey begins in the vibrant piazzas with top notes of sun-kissed Bergamot, rich and aromatic Coffee Beans, exotic Cinnamon, and the delicate allure of Violet. It’s like the first light of a Mediterranean morning – invigorating, tantalizing, and full of promise.

As the sun climbs higher, we move deeper into the garden. Here, the heart notes emerge: the intoxicating sweetness of Jasmin Sambac, the creamy opulence of Tuberose, the fruity-floral magic of Osmanthus, and the exotic seduction of Ylang Ylang. It’s the very essence of an Italian summer, captured in a symphony of blossoms.

Dusk settles, and with it, the base notes rise. Warm Amber, reminiscent of sunsets over terracotta rooftops, creamy Sandalwood evoking age-old trees guarding villa pathways, and the luxurious touch of Suede, adding a modern twist to this timeless fragrance.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Violet Leaf, Bergamot, Coffee, Cinnamon

Heart Notes
Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang, Osmanthus

Base Notes
Suede, Sandalwood, Amber

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