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Allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty and power of the wind gods

The Name

Horatio is a classical given name that means keeper of time.” The name Horatio is a source of inspiration for all of our handcrafted creations as a perfume house devoted to crafting eternal masterpieces of aroma. Lord Horatio Nelson, one of Britain’s greatest naval heroes, was known by this moniker. His death in victory at Trafalgar won him his greatest success – immortality in British history – and he was worshipped by both his soldiers and his country.

The Bottle

The Horatio London perfume bottle is a stunning example of crystal art glass design. The form is unusual and seductive in appearance and feel, sculpted with precision as a “bottle-within-a-bottle.” Each component portion has been crafted as an independent component, resulting in a perfume container that is exploding with light from all sides, capturing the purity of the sumptuous composition contained inside. It’s the ideal vehicle for keeping our memories and desires safe.

What is the purpose of the perfume?


It improves one’s mood.

Aromas are well known for their ability to improve your mood and attitude. Not only may it help you improve your mood, but it can also help you improve your outlook on life.

It has Aphrodisiac properties.

The fragrance includes pheromones, which can serve as an aphrodisiac. This makes someone who wears perfume correctly incredibly appealing to others.


Smelling specific essential oils can significantly assist in calming your body and releasing hormones that alleviate anxiety and stress.

Brings Back Memories

Have you ever smelled raspberry jam and instantly remembered your grandmother’s kitchen? Alternatively, the aroma of a certain culinary item may transport you to your favourite neighborhood eatery. Such incidents highlight the potent influence that any type of scent may have on the body and psyche.


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