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Minneapolis 5.3 BY Berceuse Parfum

Minneapolis 5.3 BY Berceuse Parfum IS A FRAGRANCE INSPIRED BY tale of a woman beaten down by life.

The American Brand Berceuse Parfum presents a new fragrance, Minneapolis 5.3, which complements The First Collection. The inspiration for the creation was the bittersweet tale of a woman beaten down by life, circumstance, and addiction caught up in reminiscence and the fantasy of what might have been. We never learn her ultimate fate and are instead given only a small window into her life. The fact that she’s imprisoned for the crime of selling her body to raise money to live and to feed her terrible habit.

The new fragrance is an elegant and sensual composition. The perfume of someone who, no matter what else may come, still dares to hope and to dream of a better future.

Minneapolis 5.3

Wistful aldehydes and fizzing cinnamon and clove blend seamlessly with classic, elegant orange flowers and lily of the valley, hauntingly beautiful in their lush splendor. The charming creaminess of sandalwood is interspersed with shots of vanilla and oakmoss.

Minneapolis 5.3 is the very distillation of poignant wistfulness. A bittersweet symphony.


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